Force The Hand Of Chance (LP, cassette) (1982)
Themes (LP) (1982)
Dreams Less Sweet (LP, cassette) (1983)
A Pagan Day (LP, 12" picture disc) (1984)
Those Who Do Not (2x12") (1984)
Mouth Of The Night (CD, LP, 12" picture disc) (1985)
Themes 2 (LP) (1985)
Themes 3 (LP) (1986)
The Magickal Mystery D Tour EP (1986)
Allegory and Self (CD, LP, 12" picture disc) (1988)
Jack the Tab - Acid Tablets Volume One (CD, LP, 12" picture disc) (1988)
Tekno Acid Beat (CD, LP) (1988)
Kondole (CD) (1989)
At Stockholm (CD) (1990)
Jack the Tab/Tekno Acid Beat (2xCD, 2X12") (1990)
Towards Thee Infinite Beat (CD, 12", cassette) (1990)
Beyond Thee Infinite Beat (CD, 2x12", cassette) (1990)
Direction Ov Travel (CD) (1991)
Ultrahouse The L.A. Connection (CD) (1991)
Cold Dark Matter (CD) (1992)
Peak Hour (1993)
A Hollow Cost (CD) (1994)
AL - OR - AL (CD) (1994)
Electric Newspaper Issue One (CD) (1994)
Cathedral Engine (CD) (1994)
Sugarmorphoses (CD) (1994)
Ultradrug (CD) (1994)
Sirens (Ultradrug - Thee Sequel) (CD) (1995)
Electric Newspaper Issue Two (CD) (1995)
Breathe (CD) (1995)
Electric Newspaper Issue Three (CD) (1995)
Trip Reset (CD) (1996)
Cold Blue Torch (1996)
Hell is Invisible... Heaven is Her/e (CD) (2007)
Mr. Alien Brain Vs. the Skinwalkers (2008)
Snakes (2014)

Psychic TV/PTV3 - Alien Brain Vs Maggot Brain (12" Vinyl only) (Vanity Case Records 2010)
Psychic TV/PTV3 - Mother Sky Vs Alien Sky (12" Vinyl only) (2011)
Psychic TV/PTV3 - Thank you (12" Vinyl only) (2011)
Psychic TV/PTV3 - Silver Sundown Machine Vs. Alien Lightning Meat Machine (12" Vinyl only) (2012)
Psychic TV/PTV3 - Greyhounds Of The Future / Alien Lightning Meat Machine (12" Vinyl only) (2013)

"Just Drifting" (1982)
"The Full Pack" (1983)
"Unclean" (7", 12") (1984)
"Roman P" (1984)
"Godstar" (1985)
"Magick Defends Itself" (1986)
"Joy" (1988)
"Tune In (Turn On The Acid House)" (1988)
"Je T'Aime" (1989)
"Love War Riot" (1989)
"High Jack" (1990)
"I.C. Water" (1990)
"Ultrahouse The Twelve Inch Mixes" (1991)
"Re-Mind" (1993)
"Tribal" (1994)
"E-Lusive" (1997)
"Snowflake/Illusive" (2002)

Splinter Test 1 (3xCD + Box Set) (1993)
Splinter Test 2 (3xCD + Box Set) (1993)
Hex Sex: The Singles Part 1 (CD) (1994)
Beauty From Thee Beast - Thee Best Ov Psychic TV and Genesis P-Orridge (CD) (1995)
Godstar: The Singles - Pt. 2 (CD) (1995)
The Origin Of The Species: A Supply Of Two Tablets Of Acid (2xCD) (1998)
Best Ov: Time's Up (CD) (1999)
"Origin Of The Species" Volume Too!: A Second Supply Of Two Tablets Of Acid (2xCD) (1999)
"Origin Of The Species" Volume III: The Final Supply Of Two Tablets Of Acid (2xCD) (2002)
Godstar: Thee Director's Cut (2xCD) (2004)

At the Edge (2xCassette)
Finsbury Park (Cassette)
Hackney Empire (Cassette)
Hamburg 16;9;84 (Cassette)
Hammersmith Palais 19:5:85 (Cassette)
Berlin Atonal Vol. 1 (LP) (1984)
Berlin Atonal Vol. 2 (LP) (1984)
N.Y. Scum (LP) (1984)
Descending (CD) (1985)
Live in Paris (LP) (1986)
Live in Tokyo (LP) (1986)
Live At Final Wars (LP) (1986)
Live En Suisse (LP) (1987)
Live In Glasgow (LP) (1987)
Live in Gottingen (LP) (1987)
Live in Heaven (LP) (1987)
Live in Reykjavik (LP) (1987)
Live in Toronto (LP) (1987)
Temporary Temple (LP) (1987)
Album 10 (LP) (1988)
Live at the 930 Club Washington, D.C. (Cassette) (1988)
Live at the Pyramid N.Y.C. 11-3-88 (2xCassette) (1988)
Live at Thee Circus (LP) (1988)
Live at Thee Mardi Gras (LP) (1988)
A Real Swedish Live Show (1989)
Live at Thee Pyramid (LP, LP picture disc) (1989)
Live at Thee Ritz (LP) (1989)
City Ov Paris (CD) (1990)
Live at the Berlin Wall Part One (CD) (1990)
Live at the Berlin Wall Part Two (CD) (1990)
Live in Bregenz (CD, LP) (1990)
Thee City Ov Tokyo/Thee City Ov New York (CD) (1990)
City Ov London/City Ov Glasgow (CD) (1991)
Temporary Temple & Atonal (CD) (1993)
Mein-Goett-In-Gen (CD) (1994)
Were You Ever Bullied at School...Do You Want Revenge? (2xCD) (1999)
Live In Berlin I (CD) (2003), reissue of Live at the Berlin Wall Part One
Live In Berlin II (CD) (2003), reissue of Live at the Berlin Wall Part Two
Live In Thee East Village (CD) (2003), reissue of Blinded Eye In Thee Pyramid
Live In Europa I (CD) (2003), official release of the bootleg Rare and Alive
Live In Thee Subterrania (CD) (2003), release on CD of the concert used for the video Black
Live In Thee Mean Fiddler (CD) (2003)
Live In Astoria (CD) (2003), reissue of Live at Thee Circus
Live In Glasgow Plus (CD) (2003)
Live In Russia (CD) (2006)

Two Interviews (Cassette)
Interviews (2xCassette)
(untitled interview cassette)[1]
Temple ov Psychick Youth (cassette)[2]
Listen Today (CD Video) (1987)
Psychic TV / PTV3 USB (USB stick)[3]

Silver Monk Time - A Tribute to the Monks (2006) (29 bands cover the MONKS)[4]
"Only Love can Break your Heart" - The Bridge - A Tribute to Neil Young (1989)

Hyperdelia (VHS) (1986)
8Transmissions8 (1987)
Joy (VHS) (1989)
Black (VHS) (1991)
Maple Syrup (VHS) (1991)
Beauty From Thee Beast (VHS) (1995)
Time's Up Live (DVD) (2001)
Black Joy (DVD)
Psychic TV Live at the Coral Room (DVD) (2004)

Ov Power (1984)
Southern Comfort

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