The subject of exile heavily influences O’Dell’s creative work. She, and her family, including her former husband, the artist Genesis P-Orridge, became self-imposed exiles after Scotland Yard raided their home in 1991. The police raid was based on false allegations after an art film, which featured nudity and members of PTV, directed by the filmmaker Derek Jarman, was re-edited without permission for Dispatches, a British TV documentary, which claimed P-Orridge and members of PTV, were involved in Satanism. At the time of the raid O’Dell, and her family, were traveling in Asia. The artist was volunteering with Tibetan refugees in Kathmandu, and performing in Tokyo, after being hired by the Japanese company, Panasonic, to showcase their new equipment. The family did not return to the UK, as they were warned by their lawyer that they would be harassed by the tabloids, and possibly have their children taken into foster care, because of the allegations. The family moved to California in 1992, and settled in the North Bay. O’Dell and P-Orridge separated in 1993, and O’Dell began her solo career. From 1996-2006, she took a sabbatical from the music industry, although she continued to write fiction and non-fiction. In 1996 she founded her company, Sacred Journeys for Women, and for a decade lead groups to sacred sites in Great Britain, Hawaii and Crete, focusing on women’s spirituality and history. In 2013, O’Dell graduated with a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies from California Institute of Integral Studies, where she is currently an MFA candidate in the Creative Writing and Consciousness program. She has been featured in RE/Search, and published in Shaman Woman, Mainline Lady: Women’s Writings on the Drug Experience. She is currently working on a novel and memoir.

Alaura O’Dell is an interdisciplinary artist: a writer, sculptor, musician and performance artist. Her career began in 1981, with the London based avant-garde group, 23 Skidoo. She has collaborated with the visionary, Dr.Timothy Leary, writer, Kathy Acker, and DJ/producer Cheb I Sabbah. Her solo album, Sacred Dreams, was recorded with electronic artist Justin Beck. Between 1983-1993, she was a pivotal member of the influential British experimental video art and music collective Psychic TV, under the name Paula P-Orridge/Mistress Mix. Her lyrics and liner notes may be found on many of the group’s recordings. O’Dell was a creative collaborator on many PTV projects, including films, music and art performances, and recordings. In the band she performed as a percussionist, sound collagist and vocalist. The band toured throughout Europe, Japan, North America, Mexico and Iceland. They were featured on MTV, The Tube: a British music show, and Spanish TV Show, La Edad De Oro: devoted solely to their performance. Their music festivals performances include: The Berlin Atonal Festival, The Reading Festival and the Finsbury Park Festival, where PTV opened for the headliners, Siouxsie and the Banshees. PTV’s support band in Reykjavik, KUKL, featured the acclaimed musician and composer, Bjork. PTV was featured in the Guinness Book for Records for releasing fourteen albums in eighteen months, a record number.

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