‚ÄčAlaura O'Dell was born in London in the 60s. She spent her childhood between her mother's home in East London, where she spent more of her of time between rough council estates, and colorful neighborhoods of Brick Lane and Caribbean markets, and West London. In between sunny days and winter nights she wandered off to Chelsea, where her dad lived on the very colorful Kings Road. Alaura, and her dad, roamed Chelsea, with a watchful eye of all the characters wandering up and down, hippies in the 60s and punks in the 70s. This was the time to be in London. Just like now, it's a amazing time. O'Dell spends her summers in Europe, and the rest of the time traveling the world, in between California and studying. She is writing a memoir about the colorful times of the music scene, which she was immersed in during the 1980's and 1990's, spending time with Dr. Timothy Leary, Blondie, Bjork, Marc Almond and Strawberry Switchblade. She moved to California in 1992, and has continued her work as an artist. She is a mother of two daughters, a grandmother, she's also very smart and very fun!!!